SOLD-Lenas Royal Gun -2012 AQHA Colt- aka Jerome

Wanderin Star Ranch- Jerome

Jerome 12-10-12“Jerome”      Foaled:  May 6, 2012

Status:  SOLD- Congratulations to Jimmy and Heather Dye on their purchase of this fantastic colt!!  Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!!

Sire:  Playgun      Dam:  Warlena Royal

This colt is super athletic, quick-footed and smart!  We believe he could excel at anything you put in front of him.  He could be a real high end cutting prospect, or with as athletic and fast as he is, the sky is the limit.  This guy has the cow, the speed, the smarts,and the talent to do it all.  He has really grown up and muscled out as you can see in the picture above, taken on August 15, 2012.  He is only 3 days old in the picture below!

***Training Update***

Jerome is weaned!  We spent a week and a half working on ground work and a bit of lunging.  This is a smart fellow.  He picked right up on his training and progressed quickly.  He is brave and independent for his age.  He is easy to catch and halter, leads, ties, good to groom, picks up all 4 feet and can lunge on a line outside of the round pen.

Upon close inspection, we are near certain that Jerome will be gray.  He has a few white hairs on his forehead and nose, his little scar has grown is a few white hairs (see photo above left), and the bottom inside of his tail is already turning silver.  Both his sire and dam are both gray, so we knew we had a good chance.  He will be a SUPER flashy futurity or derby horse!!!