How We Picked Their Names

While we are not a ‘large’ Quarter Horse ranch, we still have a decent number of babies each year.  Naming all of these new little ones can be quite a challenge.  Not as much for their registered names, as we try to incorporate their bloodlines into their name.  But barn names, those can be tough.  This is what we call them every day, and how we think of them.  Some of us have some opinions and reservations about some barn names, often due to other horses encountered in past years with a certain name.  So, finding the perfect name that everyone agrees on can be a process.

This year we decided to go with a theme.  It is pretty unanimous that everyone’s favorite TV show is The Big Bang Theory.  The rules were that we had to choose a character from the show and we could use their first or last names.  Everyone here at Wanderin’ Star Ranch had a blast picking baby names this year.  So here are our 2014 foals, their names, and our reasoning. 🙂


Baby Number 1:  Priya Koothrappali aka PriyaWanderin Star Ranch-Priya 3-4

This filly was petite, yet bold and determined.  And she is going to have the same to-die-for black locks as her namesake.  While she doesn’t have a law degree, she learned to lead and tie in record time!  And did I mention that she’s insanely gorgeous??



Baby Number 2:  Dr. Sheldon Cooper, aka CooperWanderin Star Ranch- Cooper

When he was born, this colt was the tallest and leanest one we’ve had yet!  And he proved that he was very smart by learning to lead in only one lesson.  He has also become a very popular character here on the ranch.  Conversely, he is really starting to bulk up.  It may turn out that our Cooper is going to look like he has been hitting the gym!


Baby Number 3:  Dr. Bernadette Maryann Rostenkowski-Wolowitz, aka BernadetteWanderin Star Ranch-Bernadette Cute

This filly was so tiny and cute, there were no questions as to what character she would be!  She is very smart, strong willed and completely adorable.  Her BFF’s in the pasture are Penny and Amy Farrah Fowler.




Baby Number 4:  Missy Cooper, aka MissyWanderin Star Ranch-Missy

This filly had the gorgeous looks, long legs, sweet demeanor (but underneath is the don’t-you-mess-with-me attitude!) that we needed for our Missy Cooper.  And her mom is from Texas too!



Baby Number 5:  Penny

Wanderin Star Ranch-Penny 3-4-2As soon as this filly hit the ground, we knew she was our Penny.  She is beautiful, and everyone who sees her falls in love with her.  She is super friendly, very out-going, LOVES attention, and occasionally has a bit of a sassy attitude.  While we had hoped for a blonde (in horse terms- palomino), our Penny is the color of a new penny, perfect!



Baby Number 6:  Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler, aka Amy Farrah FowlerWanderin Star Ranch-Amy 3-4-2

By this time, we were nearly running short on girls names.  But, luckily, this filly was surely our Amy Farrah Fowler.  While she isn’t as refined as our other fillies, she is still quite attractive, and is extremely smart.  Early on, she wasn’t very socially outgoing, but as time goes on, we can see that she really is the social butterfly underneath.  And…..she really likes Penny!!