SOLD- 2014 AQHA Filly- Priya

Wanderin Star Ranch-Priya RightWanderin Star Ranch-Priya 3-42014 AQHA Filly – Priya – Born 3/20/14

Sire:  High Brows Blue Boon    Dam:  Ross Creek Sarah

SOLD- Congrats to her new owners!!

This is one fancy filly!  And she already knows it!  She is everything you could ask for, great conformation and bone, great movement, and beautiful as well.  This is going to be one to watch for sure.  Check back for updates and more pics of this little girl.

Wanderin Star Ranch-Priya Back 7/11/14-  This filly is one of the friendliest we’ve ever had, if she can get past Penny!  So sweet and willing, way too easy to catch, halter, lead, tie, etc…  And she is shedding out a beautiful shade of dark bay.  What a fancy girl!  If I can get far enough away from her, I will get updated pics!

August 2014- Gorgeous.  Prince would have been one proud Papa if he were with us.  This filly is going to make us all proud.  She is just fantastic.