2014 AQHA Filly- Penny


Wanderin Star Ranch-Penny Left


2014 AQHA Filly-  Penny       Foaled-  5/1/14

Sire: High Brows Blue Boon

Dam:  Lakers Heartbreaker by Laker Doc


Wanderin Star RanchSo much love!  What a great mare, and what a great filly.  We are fortunate to have both in our lives.  This is why we do this, and what we all pray for, every minute of those 345 (ish) days.  Textbook birth, fabulous healthy baby, loving mare, and even a husband to be a willing photographer 🙂


Wanderin Star Ranch-Penny 3-4August 2014-  Penny is everything we hoped that ‘Our Penny’ would be.  She is the self-appointed Ambassador to the pasture.  She meets visitors at the gate and escorts them around, never more than an arms length away.  This filly is on everyone’s favorites list.  She is smart, trainable, athletic, and bound for greatness.