What A Year!

This has been a fabulous year so far.  We have welcomed a new member to the WSR family, little Garrett Goeden 🙂  He arrived on June 16, and brought all the joy in the world with him.  He already has quite a following on the horse show scene, everyone wants to hold him!

On the horse front, we had four fantastic colts this season.  Two are sired by our very own Willy B Gun Smart (updates on him below), one is sired by Gunners Special Nite, and one by Electric Code.  We just got them weaned and they are growing up fast.  Our yearlings are looking good, enjoying their days out on pasture with their buddies before their lessons start this fall.

We have had a bunch of horse sales this year.  A huge thank you to everyone who put their trust in our program this season.  We’re excited to see our horses progress with their new owners.

Our NRCHA money earning son of Playgun has really been turning heads in the Open Two-Rein classes this season with Jake Telford.  Right now, he is sitting in first place for the NRCHA World Standings in the Open Two-Rein!  Congrats to Jake and Willy, and Good Luck!!  Don’t let ’em catch you!!!

September 2014

September has been a busy month so far.  We have finished our fall photo and video shoots.  There are updated photos of all of our 2012 (we only have one left!), 2013, and 2014 foals.  Seriously, I took just over 1000 pics!  There are updated round pen videos of our 2013 foals and an updated riding video of our 2012 filly.  It has been a ton of work, but well worth it.  We are proud of the horses that we have bred, and we hope that it shows.



In the meantime, I leave you with a non-horse related picture….is that SNOW??

July 2014

Oh my, is it summer outside, or what?!?  Life has been good here on the ranch in 2014.  We have sold 9 horses so far this year.  We have met some wonderful people along the way and have had some very memorable moments as well.  Dane has been out showing a little bit, and hasn’t come home with anything lower than second place.  And a check every time too!!  We have an awesome crop of foals this year.  There is one Gunners Special Nite filly, and the other 5 are babies sired by our late stallion, Prince.  I hope he is watching them like one very proud Papa, because they are unbelievably nice.  On the youngster front, the yearlings are learning to pony, starting round pen work, and are progressing nicely.  The 2 yr olds are nearly gone.  We have two left that are being offered for sale, and one filly to keep for the ranch.  All of the others are off into the world, finding their own place in life.  We wish them well 🙂

Can you believe it?!?

I looked at my calendar today and was shocked.  Christmas is one week and two days away!  Time flies when you’re having fun 🙂

We are incredibly grateful for this last year that we have enjoyed here at Wanderin’ Star IMG_3469-1Ranch.  We have continued to improve our breeding and training programs, and have enjoyed the rewards of our hard work.  We have enjoyed not only our own success in the show pen, but the happiness and success of our clients.  Which brings me to my next point- 2013 has blessed us with a fantastic group of clients that we are honored, not only consider our clients, but our friends.  We have expanded and built upon existing friendships, and made new ones as well.  Out of everything we have to be grateful for- that is the most important.

I would like to personally thank the following people and businesses for their support of the many facets of the Ranch:

Dr. Richardson-  You have kept us sound and sane.  You have kindly put up with the endless worries of a new mother (I worry about the foals!!), x-rayed, stitched, surgery-ed, vaccinated, dewormed, ointmented, and floated everything we have put in front of you.  We appreciate everything you do for us and our endless assortment of critters.

Cowpoke Ranch Supply-  You have kept us fed and happy at an affordable price, with friendly service that is seldom found in todays world.  We are grateful for your kindness and thoughtfulness.

Allegra Print and Imaging- From business cards to posters, fliers to banners, you all have been exceedingly patient with my desire to do it myself!  I appreciate the service and wonderful products that we get from you.

Kellie Stackhouse-  Thank you for watching over everything while we were gone.  It meant a lot, and gave a definite peace of mind while we were away.  This is a hard life to leave- even for a few days.  Thanks for making it easy!

And never to be forgotten… Buck.  Without you, we would fall apart around ourselves. DSCN9369s Thanks for doing whatever it takes to keep this place running.  From fixing waterers, fixing fence, doing irrigation, fixing door latches, feeding hay, repairing the driveway, fixing the I-don’t-know-where-that-water-is-coming-from, servicing tractors, fixing trailer lights, changing flat tires, replacing outlets, and continuing to fix the waterers to building the heated wash rack and putting up the Christmas lights…. Thank you!

Here’s to everyone.  We love you all and can’t wait to embark on a New Year with you!  HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM ALL OF US AT WANDERIN’ STAR RANCH!!!

Fall Update

We are hard at work here at Wanderin’ Star Ranch, completing registrations and nominations for our 2013 foals, doing some fall cleaning in the form of pressure washing the barn, and making plans for next breeding season.  It has been an exciting and action packed summer, but we still aren’t too excited about the fast approaching Montana winter.  Here is a picture of Dollar (our babysitter gelding) taking a nap with his ‘kids’ on a foggy November morning.  Trey was fighting the urge, his front end is leaning left and his rear is leaning right, but he was still the last man standing 🙂

Dollar and his 2013 foals.  What a good babysitter!

Dollar and his 2013 foals. What a good babysitter!

First 2013 Foal!!

Wanderin Star Ranch 2013 colt

Boy, are we excited about our very first 2013 foal!  We had to wait on him, but it wasworth it.  He is a beautiful, healthy palomino colt sired by Palo Duro Cat and out of Lakers Heartbreaker.  Check out his page under Youngsters for more pictures!

April ’13

High Brows Blue Boon is officially a daddy!!!  Prince’s first foal was born on April 14, 2013.  A beatuiful, healthy filly out of LP Miss Whizdun.  Congratulations to her proud owner, Darra Norgaard.  We can’t wait to get some pictures of this fancy little filly that really do her justice!

High Brows Blue Boon X LP Miss Whizdun 1High Brows Blue Boon X LP Miss Whizdun 2

Dec ’12 thru March ’13

Here are the updates from the past several months:

March 2013
The month of March has been such a whirlwind!  We have been busy preparing for foaling and breeding season.  AND horse show season.  I love how everything hits at once.  There is never a dull moment.  The last week of March and the first week of April brought us some of the most beautiful weather I have ever seen.  We have been very lucky to be here in western Montana during these times.  We have to think of them while it is -20 degrees in the winter!!  Otherwise, we wouldn’t be here would we?

February 2013 Sammie Left Spin 8-14

It has been a super busy winter here at Wanderin Star Ranch!  We would like to congratulate Bobbi Cherry on her purchase of Texas Little Oak.  This super mare is a 2007 daughter of Strait To Texas (Smart Little Lena X Peppy Little Tivio by Peppy San Badger) and out of one of our favorite Broodmares, BP Miss Docs Oak (Docs Oak X Gay Melody by Son ofa Doc).  Watch out for Bobbi and “Sammie” in the Team Penning and Sorting world in 2013!!


Dec 2012- Jan 2013

Wanderin’ Star Ranch would like to congratulate Peter and Beth Spadoni on their purchase of Highbrows Woody!  This 2010 colt is sired by Nitas Wood and out of Cheeca Cat (High Brow Cat X Savannah Dually).  Watch for this awesome colt in the cutting pen in 2013 with his trainer, Jason Schaper.  Good Luck guys!!


This winter we have been fortunate enough to take several “continuing education” trips to fellow trainers facilities, to ride with them and pick their brains on training tips for our show horses.  Everywhere we have been, we have been met with open arms, clean stalls, nice arenas, and friendly smiles.  It has been awesome to build on our friendships, make new friends, learn some new training methods, and make some serious progress during our ‘down’ winter months.  Between trips, we have been here teaching lessons, training our horses, showing horses to interested buyers, selling horses, keeping up on the broodmares vaccinations, trimming the yearlings feet (BTW- They were soooooo well behaved!!) and reloading our trailer for the next trip!  It has been a really awesome, super busy winter!

In additional news, Wanderin’ Star Ranch now has a Facebook business page!  We would LOVE to have you ‘Like’ our page.  We have only had our page for two days and we already have a bunch of ‘Likes’!  Check it out, and see all of our pictures.  The plan is to add one per day, see if we get it done!

We have found the need to have a “Links” page.  We will be putting links to websites we like and use often.  One of the first will be to Equine Now.com .  We found this site to be super user friendly for advertising our horses for sale.