Our Ranch

Our Ranch:

Wanderin Star Ranch Barn

Wanderin’ Star Ranch is truly Heaven on Earth. It is tucked between the Sapphires and the Bitterroots, two of western Montana’s most scenic mountain ranges, just high enough in the eastern foothills to have a perfect view of the Bitterroot Valley.

Situated at 3,400 feet above sea level on 160 acres, it is a horse’s dream come true. The hay fields cover approximately half of the property, providing enough top-quality grass hay to last year-round. We are fortunate enough to have two natural spring fed creeks running through the property.

The Ranch has everything from rolling hay fields, rougher steep wooded areas, and open sagebrush covered hills. Our horses have the opportunity to experience these varied terrains at a young age, creating a sure-footed horse from the very beginning.


Our Facilities:

The Barn is as nice as they come. There are 10 stalls, each complete with automatic no-freeze waterers, rubber floor mats, drainage system, and attached 12×40 foot runs. Each horse has the opportunity to go outside, see the horses in the pastures, and visit with his neighbors, thus creating a happy, correctly socialized horse.Wanderin Star Ranch Wedding

The stall fronts and the walls between the stalls are solid on the lower half (essential for horse leg safety) and have vertical bars on the top half, not only so the horses can see each other, but also to provide ideal air flow through the Barn, and plenty of natural light. The center aisle is 25 feet wide with 15 foot tall doors on both ends. This makes the Barn large enough to drive a tractor trailer through, or even have a wedding reception in!

All of the fencing around the Barn and arena is welded pipe, and all of our gates are tractor trailer friendly as well. It is also very convenient when we are packing up to go to horse shows, we just pull the whole trailer inside and load up!Wanderin Star Ranch Barn

The Arena out behind the Barn is 150×270 ft.  It is meticulously groomed during good weather, providing fantastic stopping ground for our reining horses. We have a great setup for our rope horses, with a state-of-the-art, remotely operated chute and great cattle holding pens complete with a return chute. Our cutting horses have their own section of the arena complete with the coolest mechanical cow on the market. Our horses are almost as lucky as we are.