July 2014

Oh my, is it summer outside, or what?!?  Life has been good here on the ranch in 2014.  We have sold 9 horses so far this year.  We have met some wonderful people along the way and have had some very memorable moments as well.  Dane has been out showing a little bit, and hasn’t come home with anything lower than second place.  And a check every time too!!  We have an awesome crop of foals this year.  There is one Gunners Special Nite filly, and the other 5 are babies sired by our late stallion, Prince.  I hope he is watching them like one very proud Papa, because they are unbelievably nice.  On the youngster front, the yearlings are learning to pony, starting round pen work, and are progressing nicely.  The 2 yr olds are nearly gone.  We have two left that are being offered for sale, and one filly to keep for the ranch.  All of the others are off into the world, finding their own place in life.  We wish them well 🙂